Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ingredients are used in your cakes?

We use only the freshest quality ingredients in every cake that we make. For a list of ingredients relating to a specific cake, please contact us with your request.

Do you have nut-free cakes?

Many of our cakes do not contain nuts, however, they are not made in a nut-free facility.

Do you use Gelatin in any of your cakes?

We do not! Our creations are proudly made without gelatin.

Do you have gluten-free desserts?

Yes! Try our ever-popular Super Caramel Crunch or Chocolate Truffle Cakes in gluten-free. Look for the Celiacs Association logo on the package!

Do you make wedding cakes?

We do not make wedding cakes specifically, however, we do offer a wide range of Celebration Cakes which will serve a large group.