Every single La ROCCA cake my family has tried has been amazing. Cake is an occasional treat, so why buy a boring cake made with inferior ingredients? Spend a few dollars more and get the best.


I LOVE Rocca cakes, my all time favourite is the caramel crunch, I always request it for my birthday!


Hi, your cakes are the best. We usually buy them at Fortinos and I think we’ve tried every kind. Keep up the delicious work!!!


THANK YOU. I can see why this cake (Dulce Napoleon) is winning prizes. When I order dessert from a restaurant, I do ask where they order their cakes from. I know I won’t be disappointed if they say La Rocca. In fact, one of my faves from La Rocca is the banana chocolate (remember that one?). I remember eating it at Grazie a long time ago and I used to order at Fortinos after that.

Marissa C.

Hello! I bought a cake (the chocolate truffle) for an event at the hospital I work at and it was just amazing. Thanks so much from all of us!!! It was the best cake us ladies ever had.

Amanda K.

I may be one of the reasons why your red velvet cake is so popular- as soon as I discovered it at the Supercentre grocery store a couple years back, I think I bought it for almost every special occasion since then! lol. All of my friends and family who I let try it has loved it, and they buy it all the time too.

Melissa A.

To whom it may concern,
I would like to start off by saying that I am a big fan of La Rocca Cakes. I would choose the freshness and simplicity of your cakes over “your competitors” any day. I was excited to discover that your Dulce Napoleon cake won the product of the year award. Congratulations!

Alisha R.

We bought a cherry cheesecake for our daughter’s graduation. It was amazing. We all love it and will get it again. Thank you.

Anabel R.